European Emergency Number 112
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When you should not call “112”

When you should not call “112”


Do not call “112”, if the given situation is not dangerous and does not pose a threat to health, life or property or in other situations, e.g.:

  • To report a fictitious incident or calling just for fun;

  • To inform that you do not need help;

  • To check whether the “112” number really works;

  • To obtain the contact data of a company or a person (phone number, fax number, price list, activity, etc.);

  • To inform about road traffic restrictions or obstacles or about a poor technical condition of the roads;

  • To obtain information about the timetables of municipal transport services, trains or airlines;

  • To make an international call;

  • To call a taxi, order flowers or a meal from a restaurant, bar, pizza restaurant, etc.;

  • To voice your opinion on a given subject, event or a public person;

  • To consult and obtain advice from a doctor. 


Remember! When calling the “112” emergency number without any need or justification you block the line for a person who may need immediate help at that moment exactly and cannot contact the operator at the emergency communication centre. Think about it - YOU may also need help one day!

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